Design Resource Roundup 11/24/2017

I'm constantly digging through the design and development community feeds and curating a list of the links I find most interesting. Today we look at Google's new 3D resource site, a cool blue coding theme, and yet another AI powered logo generator.

Guide to Image Optimization by Addy Osmani

A thorough online guide/ebook to image optimization by one of the recent advocates for PWAs and lightning fast load times -- Addy Osmani. It's got great tips and software recommendations for making your image shrinking easier to manage. Addy would probably be happy to know all the images in this article have been compressed with ImageOptim.


Google's new community for 3D models. They have lots of interesting resources for download. And the community itself looks great, very clean and minimal design.

City Lights Atom/VSCode Theme

Dark blue inspired theme and icon set for Atom and VSCode. Like a cooler, more aqua version of One Dark. Definitely giving this one a shot soon to change up the same old look with one of my favorite colors.

Design Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for popular design apps like Sketch, the Adobe suite. Seems like they plan on adding a lot more by the number of greyed out placeholders, so check back soon!

Hatchful by Shopify

Shopify's new mobile app that created logos powered machine learning / AI. What do you think of all these new logo generators popping up everywhere powered by robots? Will logo designers on Fiverr lose their jobs in the next 2-3 years? Only time and deep learning will tell.

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