Design Resource Roundup 11/1/2017

I'm constantly digging through the design and development community feeds and curating a list of the links I find most interesting. Today we look at a few new Bootstrap UI kits, tools for iPhone designers, and much more.

Froala Design Blocks

Over 170+ open source Bootstrap 4 components for building beautiful websites.

Wired Dots

Free Bootstrap themes, UI kits, and components updated frequently. Also offers a weekly newsletter for updates.

Pure CSS Phone Mockups

Just like the title says, mockups of popular phones in pure CSS. Currently they have the iPhone X + 8, Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, Surface, Macbooks, iPad, and a few more.


Shopify's Javascript library for dragging, released open source under the MIT license. Their example site does an excellent job of displaying some of the functionality of the library, like coupling CSS animation or sound effects with dragging.


Self hosted API for converting any URL or HTML to PDF format.


Search engine for finding online courses for design and development

CodeInWP Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets for Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, and more. Keyboard shortcuts, SEO, API, etc guides.

Comprehensive Guide to iOS11 and iPhone X Design

Great guide for designing interfaces for the iPhone X and iOS11. Has all the numbers, ratios, and visual guides you need to understand the new viewport.

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