Weekly Design Roundup 9/18/2017

Each week I dig through the design and development community feeds and curate a list of the links I find most interesting. This week we look at 2 useful Sketch plugins, a font designed for interfaces, a database management app, and a few other free resources.


Relational Table Manager for Mac and Windows (coming soon). Looks like a cleaner, more modern UI than Sequel Pro - as well as some quick tools to backup/restore DBs.


Google Chrome extension to see tech stacks of sites, alternative to Wappalyzer. Always cool to be able to see under the hood of the websites and apps that inspire you.

Now UI Kit

Free UI kit using Bootstrap 4 provided by Invision and Creative Tim. It started as an popular and free UI kit with over 50 elements, and is now available as an HTML version for quick development.


Sketch plugin for blending shapes like Illustrator’s blend tool. Pretty nifty, it's tools like this and Looper that are taking Sketch to the next level (and open source!).

Beta Family

App testing site with beta testing community. Helps connect app developers with beta testers for their iOS or Android apps. It's free for 3 apps with unlimited testing, and allows you to invite your own testers, or use unrated testers from their community. It's an interesting pricing model that I'll be curious to see grow.

Inter UI font

An open source font made for interfaces based off Roboto, San Francisco, Akkurat, Asap, Lucida Grande and other "UI" typefaces. Not made for print or larger scales, or even incredibly small font sizes (12px and below). I'll be interested in incorporating this into some upcoming web apps.

Clipboard Fill

A Sketch plugin to paste any image to object fill. Saves the extra step of CTRL + clicking inside an already present clipping mask, or adding it manually to the object's fill in the sidebar.

Web Launch Checklist

Web Launch Checklist for security, optimization, SEO, accesibility, and more. Basically every modern web site should be checking each of these off.

Stay regular!

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