Design Resources 10/12/2017

(This segment used to be "Weekly Design Roundup", now more aptly named 'Design Resources' to be released anytime. Honestly it needs a more solid branding, so expect one more name change eventually!)

Every day I dig through the design and development community feeds and curate a list of the links I find most interesting. Today we look at a few new SQL and API services that should make your life easier, and a free resources and guides to make your design life easier.

Github Desktop

Desktop version of Github just released 1.0. Cross platform, built on Electron. I've gotta give this a test drive and see how the UI compares to Tower.


Open Source SQL Notebook. Import data via CSV, SQL, etc and run queries on it. Great for PHPMyAdmin-esque tasks on the fly.


Unzip files on iPhone or iPad. It's apps like these that finally catch iOS users up with the flexibility of the Android platform.

New Guide to CSS Support in Email

Campaign Monitors updated CSS Guide for Emails. Email design is a tricky beast, and guides like these make navigating the treacherous cross-browser seas easier.

Free Style Guide for Sketch

Free styles and style guide for Sketch. Great basis for a style guide if you don't want to struggle remembering the 500 same elements every time you start a branding project.

Walmart releases Open Source React Native development framework. Their docs say it allows for easier code re-use and integration through the use of reusable React Native components called MiniApps. Think React Native meets Polymer.


Kinda like Grepsr, which uses a Chrome extension to scrape sites for API data, but instead finds the API route information for you to run on your own scripts. Do you often find yourself digging through the Chrome console's Network tab looking for fetch request to an API? Then another hour deciphering the parameters and routes? This service ideally should do all the work for you.


SQL Collaboration Editor. It's like PHPMyAdmin, if it merged with any modern collaboration tool these days. Web based service, freemium - up to 3 people team.

Stay regular!

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